Vision and Mission Statement

  • The Station seeks to provide a medium for the  dissemination  and discussion of pertinent national issues, particularly  education. 
  • The Station also seeks to provide a medium for self-expression  and the nurturing of individual skills in broadcasting and  communication.


  • The major objectives of the Station shall be:

      • To facilitate communication among the various constituents of  the University.
      • As a facility for the training of individuals in the University community interested in nurturing skills in broadcasting. These include especially students of the School of Communication Studies.
      • Critical discussion and public education on local, national, and international issues of public concern. Here greater emphasis will be put on issues of relevance to education.
      • To put the University’s vast human and intellectual resources readily at the service of the public. This is to done through; 
        1. The discussion of research findings of students and faculty through interviews, and broadcast of inter-faculty lectures, inaugural/memorial lectures, seminars and other discursive events of academic and general interest
        2. The formulation and execution of radio programmes that foster community development as well as enhance the University’s outreach schemes.
        3. Targeting pre-university and university students, and offering radio lessons in selected subject areas including basic language teaching, communication/study skills, critical thinking, legal clinics etc.

Target audiences

  • Primary audience: Students who either attend the University of Ghana or the number of other colleges and universities in Accra and Ghana as a whole.
  • Secondary audience: Policy-makers, academics, the public and influencers or opinion leaders

Why should the public believe in Radio Univers?

The role then of Radio Univers includes the traditional generally agreed normative role of the media to inform, educate, entertain and providing the platform for public discourse, voice for all and watchdog of the people over both public and private officials and institutions. 

Radio Univers as a form of community radio is by its nature required to be a transmitter of the value systems of the people, encourage and promote social interaction and integration, sensitizing and mobilizing its listeners towards the development and attainment of their collective goal as a unity in a pluralistic and diverse environment.

As regards the watchdog role, campus radio treads cautiously with a lot of tact, responsibility, local and national knowledge and wisdom. This is not to advocate for a “guard dog” or a “lapdog” role far from it. We are guided by a fundamental flaw in the application of the normative roles without due regard to the context of operation. 

A watchdog that sees corruption only in public officials and licks at the feet of authority, politicians, and corporate bodies, or so called opinion leaders, chiefs, and leaders is an aberration. But as scholars argue a ‘watchdog role” is not about shouting and barking at almost everybody in sight including those who have not provoked it. Such a watchdog is strayed and every strayed watchdog may need some clinical attention before it destroys the very society and institutions it seeks to protect and watch over. 

What is the tone of Radio Univers?

Think of the station as a combination of a campus radio station that focuses on infotainment and a public service radio. The tone is trustworthy and serious while catching the attention of the youth.

Programme format

The Station offers a ‘free format’ programming style, which allows for perfect mix of multiple programming experimentations in English and five local languages (Ga, Akan, Hausa and Dagbani, and Ewe). Radio Univers is unique in this regard in Accra and possibly the country as a whole with such plurality and diversity of languages and voices.
The mix cuts across news, media reviews, civic education, current affairs, sports, and entertainment. The editorial dilemmas of what, how and when a program is to be aired is of utmost importance especially due to variations in context and relevance

What Radio Univers wants to do?

The Station wants to develop and promote a clear, branding identity that can tie together its various programming efforts.